Duel of the USA and Japan

Japanese company Suidobashi is known for producing giant (4 meters) Kuratas robots manned and equipped with paintball guns. The company was inspired by combat vehicles from various animes, and now you can buy a manned combat robot for just over a million dollars. On YouTube there is a small video describing the design and interface of robot control.

A year ago, a US company, Megabots, was trying to kick-start a similar project with a similar project, but at that time she collected only $ 65k from the planned $ 1.8m to develop her brainchild.

Nevertheless, the robot was designed by them, and was named Mark II. Robot height of 5 meters weighs 5.5 tons and is managed by two operators. No, the neurocomputer-related operators are not yet connected. Armament in the robot is also paintball (what have balls of the size of a cannonball that pierces car windows in relation to paintball – for the author remains a mystery, as, indeed, the Japanese twin machine guns, issuing 100 balls per second).

Naturally, giant robots can not coexist peacefully, and the Americans called the Japanese to a duel:

“We have a giant robot, you have a giant robot. You know what must happen.”

USA challenges Japan to Giant Robot Duel!

The Japanese firm reacted immediately:

“Giant robots are part of Japanese culture. We will not let another country win.”

The challenge was accepted, but with the condition that the fight will be hand-to-hand.

Response to Robot Duel Challenge

The challenge was adopted on July 5, the battle will take place in a year – in the summer of 2016. While both teams have time to prepare their creations.

The team MegaBots collects money for the upgrade of its robot on the kickstarter. At the time of publication, there were 4 days left until the end of the collection of money, and they almost scored the minimum program ($500k). It seems that under the patriotism sauce the money at the kickstarter is going better.

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